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Since 1996 H2O has helped families, businesses, commercial industry, and
small communities with their water. We can answer your questions and
provide you with cost effective solutions to your water quality and water
treatment issues.

We sell and service water softeners and water treatment equipment. From activated carbon dechlorination systems to reverse osmosis systems to water softeners to sulfur and/or iron removal systems, H2O has the equipment and experience to provide you with the highest quality water available with today's technology.



The patented Kinetico Control Valve is hydraulically driven and eliminates the need to adjust, set, repair or replace timers, computers or electrical components.

Water pressure runs the system. As water passes through, a metering device counts the number of gallons of water that have been processed. The valve initiates regeneration after the predetermined amount of water has been treated.

Kinetico's unique valve controls two media tanks. When one tank is exhausted, the other comes on-line to ensure an uninterrupted supply of conditioned water.

This configuration uses soft water for the complete regeneration process to substantially improve system efficiency and the product water quality.

Residential Products

Kinetico 2030s

Kinetico 2040s-OD

Kinetico 2060s-Tannin

Kinetico 2060s-OD

Kinetico 2100s-OD

Kinetico 4040s-OD


Dechlorinator 1060

Dechlorinator 1100



H2Only Kinetico Systems
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Commercial Products

Kinetico CP208s-OD

Kinetico CP210s-OD

Kinetico CP-213s-OD

Kinetico CP-416s-OD

Kinetico CP613s-OD

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